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What to Expect


Knowing what to expect throughout the remodeling process is a good thing.  I hope this page will give you an understanding of what to expect. Explained below is the progress from the initial consultation through to the completed project.

Step #1 – The Initial Consultation

My first visit with you is entirely without cost or obligation.  That meeting will last as long as it takes to answer most of the questions you probably have about your project. It is usually in the range of an hour or two.  What I won’t do is launch into a long-winded sales presentation.  I don’t like to give them any more than you like to get them.

By the time we finish this first visit, you’ll have an excellent understanding of the feasibility and potential that exists in your home.  You’ll be able to face the decisions you must make with confidence. Therefore knowing that your chosen course of action is exactly the right one for you.

Step #2 – The Design Phase

To a certain point, every minute we spend in the Design Phase pays big dividends in the finished project. This relates to both creativity and cost-effectiveness. I work hard at avoiding the trap of over-designing. However, it’s important to take into account all the variables that can impact the finished project and most importantly keep it as affordable as possible.

It’s not sufficient to simply point you in the direction I feel you need to go.  A large part of my communication with you is educational in nature.  I want you to understand the many options you need to consider and how each course of action affects the whole of the project.  Thereforre understanding the issues, you can make informed, intelligent decisions.  You’ll avoid the fate of so many homeowners who spend thousands of dollars remodeling their homes, only to realize that they would do it differently if given a second chance.  That predicament is not their fault.  It’s the fault of a careless designer and/or contractor.

The conclusion of the Design Phase is a set of plans that will show you exactly what you’re going to get – in 3D, no less. At that point, you’ll decide whether or not to proceed with construction and how deeply involved you want me to be with the process.

Step #3 – Getting It Built

My job is to work with you in hiring the best contractors or sub-contractors who can fulfill the intended design. We’ll collaborate on the most appropriate materials for reaching your goal – a logical balance between appearance, performance, and cost. The end result is intended to give you an outstanding finished product and the most “bang for buck” possible.