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The Crystal Dealership

Bath & Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t cheat yourself out of the kitchen you deserve – by using cheap cabinets. A kitchen featuring high-quality Crystal cabinets is a wise investment. They will reward you with a lifetime of service and enjoyment, plus repay you with high resale value when you decide to move on. Crystal cabinets create the perfect “look” for you at a price point that can fit most budgets.

 Jerry’s association with Crystal Cabinet Works goes back nearly 30 years.  Over those years, Crystal has evolved into a custom kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturer of unparalleled scope and value.  They have developed 4 separate but integrated cabinet lines from which to choose.  Each has its own personality, features, benefits, and one is just right for you.

Why choose Crystal Cabinets for your kitchen:

  • Nearly 100 different door styles
  • More than a dozen woods from which to choose – including exotics
  • Hundreds of different finishes and thousands of possibilities.
  • Custom enhancements at every price level
  • Cabinet construction built to last
  • Clear coat finishes that strongly resist the normal wear and tear of a family

The cabinet look of your dreams.

One of the great benefits of working with Jerry is that he can provide you with your very own door in advance of placing the order.  This will be in the style, wood species, color, and enhancements that you have chosen for your home. This is yours to keep throughout the restoration project and as you make design selections.  And of course, having the exact door that you’ve chosen eliminates the task of stretching your imagination. No more trying to envision what one door style will look like with a color that’s selected from a small color chip.  Few dealers provide this service.

Link to Crystal Cabinets Idea Gallery

The Manufacturing Process

Watch this video and see how high-end cabinets are built and why
they are so special. And…built to last decades and beyond.

Two Main Types of Cabinet Construction


The frameless box construction is also known as European or Full Access. It offers greater accessibility by eliminating the face frame. Frameless has thicker 3/4″ sides, top, and bottom for stability.


Option 1: Full overlay – cabinet doors lay on top of the frame.
Option 2: Inset – cabinet doors mount flush inside the frame
This construction method has a 3/4″ thick solid wood frame for stability, that is attached to the face of 1/2″ boxwork.