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Kitchens are the de facto heart of the house!  Face it, this is where you will spend a substantial proportion of your time in the house.  And it’s the place where guests most often congregate. Therefore, its design should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A professional kitchen designer will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. If your budget is tight, you will get more by working with a creative designer who will help you to select elements that give maximum impact at the lowest appropriate cost.  Hence, you’ll enjoy options you might not have thought of and kitchen features which bring extraordinary value.

Some things to think about…

#1  Good design and product selection will actually save you time and money.

Hiring the right kitchen designer should be the first major decision you make.  A kitchen remodeling project is quite complex and design and selection decisions are numerous. A kitchen specialist will think of every design detail so you won’t spend your budget inappropriately. Also, a new kitchen offers the largest percentage of return on investment — kitchens sell homes!  To bypass this important step seriously affects your long-term financial returns.

#2  Buy quality cabinetry.

I can’t tell you how many kitchens I’ve designed where the existing cabinets looked bad and were falling apart in just a few, short, years.  Was that an economical initial purchase?  I think not, no matter how great was the bargain.  Using well-constructed cabinets not only will last many decades with reasonable care, but they will have a rich, custom appearance that exudes quality.  Kitchen cabinets and the craftsmanship with which they are made are critically important factors when you’re looking for the best value.

#3  Anyone can sell you cabinets.

That’s what the Big Boxes do, for instance.  But design is not solely about the cabinetry.  Great design is about creating an environment that matches your family’s lifestyle. The artistry is in addressing the myriad of details the designer thinks about in order to create an extraordinary aesthetic…all within the limits of your budget. Do you strictly want to fill the room with boxes at a cheap price?  Or do you truly want every inch of space designed in the most gorgeous and functional way possible?

#4  A cabinet salesperson is not a kitchen designer.

Some sellers draw up a layout, then have you pick out cabinets that most appeal to you.  This is a huge error and the exact reverse of how this should go.  Cabinet salespeople don’t understand the importance of clearly establishing an entire “look” for the kitchen before the first decision on the product is even made. Once a clear guideline (I call it The Design Criterion) is established, making selections is far easier and more accurate.  Plus, and it ensures that the plan will be enjoyed for years and decades to come. It is a huge mistake to forgo top-notch design services for a cheaper priced cabinet.  You want a designer to review your kitchen plan, discuss all options, and help you prioritize where your money is best spent to get the maximum value.

#5  A professional designer is there until the end.

There are so many details that pop up once the construction process gets underway.  Therefore, you need someone who has the “vision” firmly in mind to stay with you throughout the project.  The designer will make sure that all the subtle nuances that have shaped the vision are communicated to the craftspeople who do the actual work.  In this regard, Jerry Schuster provides a start-to-finish experience.  He oversees every aspect of your project including all the contracting, tradespeople, schedules, and project details to ensure a seamless installation. If you choose a delivery only option because you’re doing it yourself or are working with a contractor, Jerry provides oversight help for you (or your contractor) about specific details.

What you end up with is a kitchen that’s truly enjoyable to work in and a joy to look at; one that nurtures you, your family, and friends.